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TriSys Support Services

The terms and conditions of our support contract with you.

Standard Technical Support
  • Telephone support available Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 (GMT and BST)
  • Web support available at all other times
  • To contact support or log a support request: Click here
  • To request your login credentials to our support system: Click here
  • Remote Assistance: Click here
  • Request a Callback: Click here
  • Frequently Asked Questions & Features: Click here
  • Support Documentation: Click here
  • Telephone Number: 01223 451 021

TriSys Support Services

1. Scope

The following products are covered by TriSys support:
  • All Versions of TriSys Recruitment Software
  • TriSys Web
All information, disk files, and web access covered, will be treated as customer confidential material.

2. Service Schedule

2.1 Working hours
Telephone support is provided during standard UK working days which represents office hours of 9am until 5:30pm Monday to Friday, not including UK Bank holidays.

If customers wish to take advantage of the support services outside these hours/times, our web support system is available 24x7, 52 weeks of the year.

2.2 Access to support

Support will be provided on a remote access basis as detailed above.

Customers will designate primary and alternative contacts for each site as authorised use of the support is limited to these designated contacts.

2.3 Services provided

• Problems logged will be resolved as soon as possible

• Where possible TriSys Business Software will update the customer or employee logging the error, of progress made resolving the issue

• Where an error prevents the customer from using the system, or disables major functions, TriSys Business Software shall take action to remedy the error within 1 working day

• Where a TriSys Error is reported with non-essential functions disabled, TriSys Business Software shall take action to remedy the error within 3 working days

• TriSys Business Software will investigate and endeavour to fix the problem and will apply patches or amendments to TriSys if required

• If the problem, due to its complexity or the involvement of third parties, cannot be fixed within these fix times, TriSys Business Software will endeavour to provide a temporary solution within the fix time

• Where a problem cannot be clearly defined as belonging to a specific area, TriSys Business Software will work with the customer to identify a solution wherever possible

2.4 Exclusions

• Training or application issues including "how do I" and "I am not quite sure how this works" type questions

• Network management or maintenance

• Desktop management or maintenance

• Hardware/infrastructure faults

• Third Party Software

• Any modifications or alterations of TriSys software by anyone other than TriSys Business Software or its agents

• Support issues where the customer has not implemented previous recommendations/actions

2.5 Customer obligations

• To provide TriSys Business Software with reliable remote access to TriSys programs as required for a service request

• To provide TriSys Business Software with accurate diagnostic/error information as required for a service request

• If necessary, to send TriSys Business Software disk files electronically or via a registered delivery / courier service

• To regularly back up full security copies of the Software and of its databases and computer records in accordance with best computing practice

3. Support Costs

• If the problem cannot be resolved via remote access and a site visit is required, TriSys Business Software reserves the right to charge for on-site visits plus travelling expenses

• The current annual charge for providing remote access support will be subject to TriSys Limited standard terms and conditions

• TriSys Business Software reserves the right to review and revise the estimated cost of providing remote access support at any time.

• If the estimated cost increases above the total support agreement value, written confirmation will be required from the customer to amend the support agreement. No further work will be carried out by TriSys Business Software until written acceptance of these revised charges is received by TriSys Business Software

• All support charges will be invoiced to the customer in advance and are payable within 14 days from date of invoice

• The costs of any additional consultancy work or additional software licenses will be charged separately

• Prices quoted are based on information provided by the customer

• TriSys Business Software reserves the right to suspend performance of the Services provided under this Agreement in the event of non payment of sums due under this Agreement

4. Limitation of Liability

TriSys Business Software will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, expense including any claim for compensation whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the Services provided