TriSys Recruitment Software Testimonials

"The ease of use of the package is unbelievable, it has a highly intuitive GUI which is very user-friendly, offers excellent searching, is fully integrated with outlook and VOIP solutions and has excellent reporting facilities. Our view is that TriSys is an absolutely fantastic product."
R Twumasi, Origin Forward Solutions

"TriSys has allowed all divisions within Search to operate with greater efficiency and deliver a more customer centric solution to our clients. TriSys’ integration with Microsoft Office, our web site, pay & bill solution and accounting system has significantly reduced administration, whilst also providing clear and concise analytics and metrics to senior management."
M Bell, Search Consultancy

"TriSys is by far the best Recruitment database we have used. It is essential to our recruitment service, with its user friendly appearance, functionality and sound structure for the recruitment process. We have not used all of the features as of yet, but it has improved our dynamics and has streamlined our service. It has more bells and whistles than Nelson had in the fog!"
J Aitken, Personnel Choice

"TriSys has proved highly successful for us - it's functionality and ease of use combining to make it a powerful tool for our recruiters, with its search engine giving us real power when searching our CV database. Perhaps the most impressive thing is the level of support available. Where necessary, the people at TriSys have been quick to respond and deliver a solution. On top of that, there is an ongoing software development programme that ensures the system incorporates the latest technologies and ideas, giving us the tools we need to successfully manage and track clients and candidates.
S Brown, Summit Consulting

"TriSys saves time when administrating clients, candidates, vacancies and diaries, allowing more time for filling vacancies and developing business!"
- G Wyatt, Whitehill Pelham

"We have used TriSys since 2002 when starting our business - TriSys has provided us with an impressive return on investment and helped us grow to over 60 consultants. We have no internal software/server/e-mail issues which leaves time for recruiting, and we are able to access our system wherever we are and whatever time we choose to work."
R Jaques, Additional Resources

"Introducing TriSys as our process hub has enabled us to reach new levels of success and increase our profits by 80%. When it comes to customisation, TriSys comes into its own; you can develop the system to fit into your own work flows and its all round functionality is really quite special."
G Blaize, Adrem Recruitment

"We have found the functionality of the solution to be absolutely first-class, particularly the speed and ease that CV details can be imported into the system. The support provided by TriSys has always been fast, friendly and efficient."
G Totten, Maddison McQueen

"Using TriSys dramatically improved my sales, immediately! The logic of the system allowed me to dramatically streamline my working day, allowing me to focus on the activities that make me money. I honestly doubled my turnover in the first month."
E Lewis, Cerebra

"The TriSys ASP model is such a good proposition for a small business as I have been able to access all my information during the office move. I have also used TriSys ASP from several countries in Europe, and even whilst camping!"
M Fernandez, Acuro

"In general as a company we are more than happy with the package as it stands."
A Sylvester, Medicare First

"TriSys Version 7 is a Quantum Leap ahead of our perfectly adequate Version 6 system."
S Alger, Resourcing Group

TriSys Support Testimonials

"Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent work in sorting out the printer issue with my ASP service. The beauty of this ASP model is that you guys have the expertise to sort out all technical issues, and just as key, is a single point of contact who really knows my issues, leaving me to run my business."
M Fernandez, Acuro

"Very Good, very quick. David was friendly and explained the problem well. Very happy overall."
S Butter, Preferred International Managed Services

"Helpful & Informative. A useful way to solve problems."
G Adam, Head Resourcing

"It was brilliant and very helpful. Many thanks."
M Ahmed, Additional Resources

"Peter is very helpful as usual. Great!"
A Kohli, HCP International

"James is one of the best support guys at TriSys. Not only does he come back to us straight away, he deals with the problem immediately."
H Heil, Ark International

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