TriSys Business Software is an independent software vendor and systems specialist who helps companies
migrate from ‘on-premise’ IT to cloud based ‘on-demand’ IT hosted by the worlds largest computing companies.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud is the ultimate super-computer. It has unlimited scalability, and resources can be turned on and off in seconds. It truly provides IT on-tap, and completely replaces the need to maintain servers, complex software, air conditioning, power supplies etc..


A Customer Relationship Management system can join together both your internal and external working processes to provide a coherent and efficient IT infrastructure blending business requirements such as marketing, search, social networking, quotes, orders, financials through technology such as databases, e-mail, web and mobile.

Disaster Recovery

Most businesses today are almost completely reliant upon technology. It is important to ensure that when disaster strikes, safeguards are in place to mitigate the worst effects of complete loss of both data and essential business processes which can threaten the very existence of an organisation.


In todays world, customer service is paramount. The ability to adapt and react quickly and effectively to the increasingly complex demands of modern business has become an essential requirement.

Mobile Applications

The number of mobile devices in the world will soon overtake PC's. Both smart phones and tablet computers have heralded a new epoch in the technology industry which is benefiting both business and consumer.

Recruitment Technology

The staffing industry has undergone many changes in recent years. TriSys has been delivering recruitment technology to recruitment agencies for over 20 years.

Remote Desktop

TriSys supplies a fully cloud hosted windows desktop which can be accessed remotely from any device at any time from any place. The remote desktop comprises a standard windows vista environment with fully operational Microsoft Office products.

SQL Databases

Structured Query Language database servers dominate the world of business information. Making sense of the increasing amounts of data through innovative Business Intelligence is rapidly becoming essential.

Systems Development

IT systems are becoming increasingly complex. Both customers and end-users expect higher levels of service, functionality, reliability and scalability from their systems.


Increasing sophistication of technology in the business world presents numerous challenges. Investing in an organisations core assets, its people, is a proven methodology for increasing sales, efficiency and profitability.

Web Design & Hosting

Having a fully functional, programmable, attractive and easy to use web site is no longer a luxury for organisations, it is essential. Web sites must be tightly integrated with corporate IT systems for sales & marketing, CRM, finance, delivery, support etc...

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