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Data Import

Migrating recruitment data from another database, spreadsheet or program into TriSys.

Many recruitment agencies have legacy databases, or spreadsheets or e-mail contacts. TriSys provides an easy, yet flexible and powerful way to convert this data into the TriSys database where its value can be truly realised through the advanced CRM features in the application.

TriSys can import data from competitor recruitment database systems, and e-mail marketing databases, as well as industry standard data formats such as CSV, Excel, Outlook, Access and SQL Server.
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Simply point the data import tool at the data source whereupon TriSys will quickly pull in the data in its original format.

Use the field mapping tool to map data source fields to those in the TriSys database for each entity being imported.

Once setup, the field mappings can be saved as an import template for use at another time.
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In order to identify the imported data, and track it in future as imported contacts are mail-merged, or respond to marketing communications, each import can be tagged with one or more attributes.

Simply choose from one of the pre-define skills, or add a new attribute with an appropriate tag. For example if the data was a marketing list obtained from an e-mail marketing bureaux called Acme Marketing Corp, you might create an attribute called "AcmeMarketing-24Nov2012" and tag all records imported with this attribute.
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After data is successfully tagged and imported, all historical data imports can be quickly searched using TriSys' smart searching technology to lookup the relevant tag assigned to the records during the data import process.

Simply choose the imported attribute in the search and TriSys will display the records found, allowing recruiters to quickly run actions to begin communication with the imported customer prospects, or candidates.
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