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Software Development Kit (SDK) and Web Services Application Programming Interface (API)

The TriSys software development kit is fully integrated with Microsoft visual studio to allow IT professionals to design forms and write custom business logic in C# or visual basic. TriSys recrutment software was built using this SDK.

The web services application programming interface allows customers and partners to connect to the TriSys cloud services from mobile apps and web applications.

This screen shot shows the TriSys SDK toolbox and the form design of the requirement form.
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To design cloud-enabled, and fully CRUD (create, read, update, delete) enabled recruitment forms, TriSys fields are dragged from the visual studio toolbox.

Each field has a 'smart-tag' which exposes a drop down menu allowing designers to choose one of the fields in the database matching the field type.

The field selector is a live - it connects to the TriSys database in the cloud and allows designers to get a live view of the production data in real-time.

Using this technique, non-developers are able to quickly design data entry forms with no-coding and zero errors.
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Fields can be added directly from visual studio form designer by choosing the add button in the field selector.

There are dozens of field types in the TriSys SDK. Some are very basic such as text boxes and date pickers, however there are also some very complex composite field types such as currency amount period, which captures for example a charge rate of €34.50 per Hour.

With all SDK fields, TriSys takes care of all CRUD operations, leaving designers and developers to focus on the business logic and recruitment processes, workflow and ease of use.
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The smart tags can also be used to configure perhaps the most used data type in the entire TriSys SDK - the grid.

The TriSys grid is the principal means in which recruiters navigate, lookup, filter and sort large numbers of database records.

Each form grid can be designed from within visual studio simply by pasting in a suitable SQL query, and then visually setting column and layout properties using point and click and drag and drop.

Building sophisticated business software using the RAD (rapid application development) methodology has simply never been easier.
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Of course the true power of the TriSys SDK is fully realised when developers can write C# or Visual Basic code to utilise the enormous flexibility of the Microsoft .Net framework.

TriSys provides an elegant business software framework through the SDK which provides both an event driven model for end-user and data interactions, but also a cloud data services platform with unlimited flexibility allowing developers to write the most complex of business rules and algorithms.
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TriSys cloud servers are also fully programmable via the web services application programming interface (API).

The TriSys Web API provides full CRUD access to the entire suite of cloud data services via industry standard ReST (representational state transfer) protocols using both XML and Json.

Many of TriSys' own systems such as our suite of mobile apps use our web API for data services. Our partners also utilise this API for tight integration with TriSys.
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