Remote Desktop

TriSys Remote Desktop / ASP.

TriSys supplies a fully cloud hosted windows desktop which can be accessed remotely from any device at any time from any place.

The remote desktop comprises a standard windows vista environment with fully operational Microsoft Office products including Outlook E-Mail connected to your cloud e-mail supplier. Additional products specific to your specific industry can also be hosted in this desktop.

TriSys' remote desktop was formerly known as ASP (application service provider).

TriSys Remote Desktop is a fully cloud hosted Windows desktop with Microsoft Office and
industry specific applications, which can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

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Connect via Web Browser

Connect to your remote desktop using your web browser. You must be using an HTML5 compliant web browser and will have to provide your active directory credentials in order to connect. Once connected, your desktop will be accessible from within your browser.
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Desktop Shortcut

Install a launch program onto your current windows desktop. This has the benefit of being able to save your credentials and preferences on your current computer for easy access in future. You will have to provide your active directory credentials in order to install this shortcut.

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Connect via Apple Mac RDC

If you are on your Apple Macintosh and you wish to use the remote desktop client (RDC), you can connect to your remote desktop from here.
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Browser CRM Application

You can also access your cloud applications using a specific web browser CRM application designed specifically for your industry. This does not use the remote desktop, and is often a more convenient mechanism to access small amounts of information quickly.